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Join the Ibiza Spotlight Affiliate Program and earn 5% of every hotel booking!


Ibiza Spotlight now allows you to share in the success of our Hotel Guide, by earning 5% commission on every booking made by a visitor which you send us. An average booking is over 600 EUR for hotels. That means you get an average commission of 30 EUR or more per hotel booking.

Club Tickets

We pay 1.25 EUR commission on every club ticket sold. Ibiza Spotlight is the number 1 clubbing website for Ibiza; more people buy their Ibiza club tickets from us than any other website. We are paying a highly competitive rate and have the biggest selection of online tickets available. 

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We also pay 5% on all car rentals and airport transfers!

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It is easy to create tracked links. You simply append your affiliate ID. This means you can easily link to any page in our site. This 'deep linking' leads to much higher conversions than simply linking to our home page.

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In your account, you'll be able to see complete stats and traffic logs for all unique visitors. Including your best performing links and products.

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